Not Your Normal Mis...
By Iam_Ally
  • Adventure
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  • california
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Annabelle discovers what her parents really did for a living; they were spies. Anna was sent to a private spy school to follow her parents footsteps. They died in their last mission, and requested for Anna to be sent to the school if anything happened to them. They thought it would be the best bet at protecting her. Annabelle is appointed a partner, like everyone else. Only difference is that she gets a male partner, Ethan. They have to share a room together in the school, and even have to pretend to be lovers in the field. They dislike each other at first, but remember the old saying, "There's a fine line between love and hate." It doesn't take long for them to warm up to each other, as they realize there were once friends. Will the loss of her parents destroy Anna's chance at being happy? Who is targeting Anna specifically? Find out in Not Your Normal Mission!


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Not Your...
by Iam_Ally