Floating in the Aby...
By sydnie6624
  • Teen Fiction
  • abuse
  • alcohol
  • alcoholic
  • authorities
  • brothers
  • dnatest
  • drama
  • drugs
  • family
  • father
  • hospital
  • identity
  • injuries
  • lawbreaking
  • mother
  • mystery
  • olderbrother
  • panicattacks
  • police
  • remarried
  • seperated
  • siblings
  • stepparents
  • unknownfamily
  • witness


At the age of 5, Ashlyn was abducted from a local park when playing with her brothers. For 10 years, Ashlyn survived with no more than a roof over her head. She dealt with the repercussions of living with alcoholics and drug addicts until the police show up at her doorstep. A few days of research was all it took to find Ashlyn's mother, helping her to be reunited with her family. Only, she wasn't going back home to live with her mum, her five brothers and stepfather are there too. Ashlyn has to learn to live her life in a new environment, whilst dealing with anxiety and trauma. Her family, which were once not a part of her life, quickly become her everything. Number 1 in the Rising out of the Abyss Series Sequel: Rising to the Surface

Chapter 1

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by sydnie6624