The Miniscular Revo...
By mxckingbird-
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  • 2020
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>> Seven gifted, young teenagers in NC. >>All of them are rather short for their age. >>All of them have been embarrased at some point for their height >>All of them have been tested to prove they're more than what they seem >>Neither of them seemed to convince the majority of Herold High School. >>Until one midnight, a strange, mysterious man came and summoned the seven to a secret jungle, revealing secrets of the past, and possibilities for the future. Three shocking things that have divulged and changed the life of those seven adolescents: >>They are the next generation of a lost group of heroes. >>They have access to their own unique power with a special object. >>They already have their first mission. >>A tribe of evil doers plan on raiding many worlds that these teens have not even seen or heard about, and if nobody stops them, they will come after the the home they all love: Earth. >>This is the chance to prove themselves worthy warriors, despite their size and insults they've received because of it. This is their chance to explore worlds they've never seen before, and to finally know where their limits truly lay. However, it is also a vast responsibility that will affect the rest of their lives, and possibly the lives of others. Are they ready for the challenge?


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The Minis...
by mxckingbird-