Spense & Dev...
By HCBentley
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Detective Jolene "Jo" Devereaux moves from Macon, GA to take a position at a police dept in a sleepy little Mississippi town. Used to the hustle and bustle of the big city, she finds the new job and town an adjustment. But after her last case in Macon, she needed the change. Before her transfer, Jo and her partner had been chasing a serial killer. One who would stalk his victims, women living alone, learning their routines and habits. Then he'd gain access to their homes, disguised as a police officer, before torturing and killing them. A misstep in the case leads to Jo's world being turned upside down, so Jo decides to move in order to start over. A new town, a new job, and a new partner. Detective Nick Spenser wasn't used to having a female partner. So when his captain makes the assignment, he resigns himself to working with a woman who looked more like a beauty queen than a cop. He learns she's got brains and nerves of steel, and discovers they make a good team. Especially when they realize trouble has followed Jo to her new home and the stalker she thought she'd left behind wasn't going to rest until he'd added her to his collection of victims.


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Spense &a...
by HCBentley