Seven Deadly Sins x...
By Erza0019
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This story follows (y/n) a beautiful and lively girl who is also known across the land as the Demon Princess. She was not a part of the Sins but she had a close relationship with as the only other Holy Knight that was as powerful as they were but that also meant that 10 years ago she was also framed for the murder of the Grandmaster. Because of this she was forced to run away and live her life as a dancer that was until she was reunited with the others and the runaway Princess Elizabeth. Together they search the land for the rest of the sins and fight to free Liones; however, along the way memories (y/n) forgotten past is hinted at her, and finally the truth becomes revealed. What does her past hide? And who will she fall in love with?

Character Description

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Seven Dea...
by Erza0019