The Q'taxians: Viol...
By Tavorie
  • Paranormal
  • action-adventure
  • apocalyptic
  • conflict
  • eldritch
  • lgbtq
  • psychological
  • strange
  • tentacles
  • trans
  • transgender
  • weird


Best description from pitch attempts: "The Q'taxians" is an #LGBT #WebSeries about a trans, single father, tentacle monster, the dead god he shares his body with, his wicked bright son, & his musically talented boyfriend as they muster the will to save all of mortality." Sylus just wants to live his life, but life has done nothing but keep him on the run. In a last-ditch effort to make a home for himself and his son, he finds work at the one place on earth no sane person would ever look to. The Riftworks. Smack dab in the middle of ground zero. The exact location where the Rift tore open and pulsates with unnatural light to this day. The font from which the Mist pours forth. It doesn't take long for Sylus to begin hearing a voice in his head and question his own sanity. Can the voice be silenced? What lies beyond the Rift? What is calling to him? How much is he willing to risk to find out? This is the first volume of the Q'taxians web series.

0.01: A Day in the Life.

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The Q'tax...
by Tavorie