Tears from the moon...
By CharlieGlambert
  • Historical Fiction
  • adam
  • adavi
  • family
  • forbidden
  • friendship
  • ghost
  • javi
  • lies
  • love
  • secrets
  • student
  • teacher
  • truth
  • war


Couldn't sleep so I went out walking. Thinking about you and hearing us talking. All the things, I should have said. Echo now, inside my head. *** Adam lives in Germany with his husband and their two kids. They have promised each other to stay together, no matter what happens. But everything changes when they are taken to a concentration camp. Adam end up in the right line, while his family end up in the left line. He hope he will return with them again and refuse to give up. But then it turns out that they were killed. He gets to know a boy named Jack in the camp. They become best friends. He ask him if he can help him escape from the camp. Adam couldn't save his family, but he can save the young boy. Adam helps him escape, unaware that guards have seen everything. He's whipped and then taken to the gas chamber where he faces a painful death. Years later he's now working as a history teacher at a school in London. He meet Javi who reminds him of his friend Jack. They start a forbidden romance. But the memories of his past haunt him and will he ever find peace? ~Based on a true event~

Whatever happens, we will always be together

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Tears fro...
by CharlieGlambert