Inheritance - The D...
By IromaVP
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As a Dark Sorceress who has lived a lie her entire life, Kenna will have to decide whether the world she is desperately trying to save hasn't been doomed all along. *** Kenna has lived in the Monastery for as long as she can remember. Raised by the White Sisters as one of their own, she has always assumed she would eventually become a Sister herself. However, a few days before Kenna's eighteenth birthday, the Head Sister tells her that she is in fact a Dark Sorceress: a witch with the unusual ability to control Darkness and Death. Despite the nature of her own powers, Kenna discovers that she is destined to defeat the Darkness which is taking over her world, a destiny that sets her on a quest to find out who she is and what she's capable of. Accompanied by a charming bodyguard, she embarks on a journey that makes her question everything she has ever believed in. As the Darkness is growing inside her, Kenna will have to make a choice. Will she deny her true identity and continue down the path of the Light? Or will she fulfill another, darker part of her destiny that no one dares to talk about? /COMPLETED/ ----- #2nd in Fantasy - The Winner Awards 2020 FEATURED ON @adventure Fantastical Adventures reading list FEATURED ON @StoriesUndiscovered Explore The Stars reading list FEATURED ON @TheWarriorGoddess Fantastical Warriors reading list FEATURED ON @YAFantasy Dark Fantasy reading list FEATURED ON @WattWitches The Young and The Wicked reading list REVIEWS "Inheritance is a gripping and beautiful tale of magic, responsibility, and action. A truly fantastic story filled to the brim with action, a completely unique and entertaining plot, and relatable characters." @InHaze

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by IromaVP