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Jack Halter doesn't have a lot of people who truly care about him. His parents don't pay a lot of attention to him or give him enough discipline. He seems to be the last priority in their lives and because of this, he has to find some entertainment somehow. The only adult figure that cares about him is an older man named Marvin, he's been in Jack's life for many years. After the last straw run-in with some police, Marvin takes him in to try and give him something else to hope for and work towards. But one day Jack sees Marvin going into his attic and he finds something that's now got Jack looking into things he shouldn't. "So do you live here?" The boy nodded staring at me excited at the moment as if he's never met anyone ever before. "What's your name?" "Grandfather calls me Aster" I looked around the attic it was filled with books and plants and paintings of all sorts. "How long have you been here?" "For as long as I've been on earth I think"

Chapter one

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by sicklykid