Aftermath(on hold)
By glambertybear
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I will always protect you. You're my son and you mean the whole world to me. Adam has a very rough life due to his foster mother abusing him and so after taking so much of her abuse toward him, Adam run away from home. After doing some paperwork on the different cases that she had to do, Olivia leave work for the day and as she is walking around Central Park she noticed a boy with raven black hair and blue eyes sleeping on the bench and so Olivia take the boy to her home and began caring for him. When Adam wake up he noticed that he isn't at the park anymore because he is in a house and when he noticed a woman with brown hair and brown eyes and he introduced himself to her, when Olivia noticed that the boy had awaken she introduced herself to him. Adam sense that Olivia is a kindhearted woman and a good detective and so he tell her about his life and how his dad treats him and Olivia does everything in her power to protect Adam. But when tragic struck will Adam be saved before time run out. ~Based on Law and Order Special Victim Unit~

Go home Liv and get some sleep

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by glambertybear