Alpha Jace
By AkiraPinkFloyd
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"A fate really decided to play a cruel joke on you Alpha Blackwell... or should I say father?" I said nearly spitting out the last word. I watched the terror growing in his mate's eyes and her lip tremble. The tears fell down her cheeks and she looked away from him, breaking his heart. I could tell from the pathetic expression on my father's face. I was honestly enjoying it too much. But hey, don't blame me for being a sadistic monster, it was kind of his fault that I turned out this way. The room was silent. Everyone was watching me, breathlessly waiting for my next move. It was the high time for him to finally pay for what he did to me and my mother, for stealing my future and my alpha title that was rightfully mine from the start.... And then the damn door opened loudly and nothing was the same anymore. Suddenly I could smell a delicious mix of pine and flowers... and blood? "Umm I don't want to interrupt or anything but you have to hold back your horses there" I heard an angry voice behind me. And as I looked behind my back I knew I was doomed. There she was - the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. 'MATE' my wolf howled happily in my head. "My name is Sonya Morozov and I came to here to challenge Alpha Derek Blackwell to fight me to the death" she declared completely oblivious to anyone else around her. My father's mate suddenly cried out loudly but I paid no attention to her. My eyes narrowed at the newcomer. "Mate!" I growled loudly to get her attention. I wasn't a very patient man and I wanted my mate's attention fully on me dammit. The girl finally noticed me and sniffed the air and once she recognised my scent she smirked at me lightly. "Mate~" she purred lowly as her eyes darkened. "Now please step aside love, I need to kill that man over there and then we can get to know each other~" she hummed as she took a few steps towards us.

Prologue: Sonya

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Alpha Jace
by AkiraPinkFloyd