Dark Skies- Book #...
By Sorrel56
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Under MAJOR editing, my friends. ;) This book is inspired from the Warrior Cats Series by Erin Hunter. I do not own the series, this is just a FanFiction. Also: Credit to @fawnshine- for the cover!!! She's amazing, go follow her and check out her cover shop!!! Dewstorm now has kits of her own. Jadepaw is one of them, and she, along with her two siblings, lives in ThunderClan. The Earth goes round, but seems to spin faster for Jadekit. She's heard of love, but isn't sure she'll ever find it. Has she ever experienced a mother's love? Maybe, but she can't remember it. Being completely happy? Impossible. Or so it seems. Being an apprentice is hard work, especially when so many cats seem to hate you. Jadepaw just wants to be a respected warrior when she grows up, but life seems to be against her. Jadepaw's mentor seems to be psycho, or maybe he just really hates her. The skies are darkening.


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Dark Ski...
by Sorrel56