The Alpha's Dirty L...
By Lovesoreel
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Lucas Walters has a beautiful girlfriend that he loves and cherishes who he is sure is his mate. So what happens when she isn't his mate? And what happens when his mate, Teagan Landers, is his long-time childhood enemy? But how do you choose between the one you are meant to be with, yet hate and the one you have always loved? Will he tell anyone or leave it as his dirty little secret...Or will jealousy end up winning? Teagan Landers is a girl who just went with the flow of things, until they involve Lucas Walters. No she doesn't hate him, she loathes him. If different things in the past hadn't happened then maybe, just maybe...They could be friends. But what happens when she finds out that she is his mate? Can she and Luke fight the attraction? Can they ignore the passion of a mate? And what happens when her plan to make everything normal, doesn't work? I guess it sucks being the Alpha's dirty little secret... Background Cover Art by:

Chapter 1- Intro to the Dramatics

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The Alpha...
by Lovesoreel