His Drug , Her Thug
By UnderratedQueen20
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Taylor Marie " Taystee " Stevens is the shyest , yet biggest freak ever . Still a virgin , at the age of 23 . Niggas just never fucked with her like that . She wasn't ugly , well at least to her . She didn't give a fuck neither . About shit cause shit ain't give a fuck about her ! She also has a hard time letting people in because of the death of her mom when she was 17 . Jeremiah Ermias " Kilo " Brewster is a mean ass thug that owns his own tattoo shop , tattooing is his passion . Rapping is a side job he does to get money . He just also happens to be a werewolf and an Alpha at that . When he runs into Taystee , he learns that she is his mate and falls deeply in love with her . He just wants to cherish her and turn her into the beautiful , special , and perfect Luna she was born to be .

Harlem here I come !

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His Drug...
by UnderratedQueen20