Sixty Beats Per Min...
By BobaBunnies
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(College/Soulmate AU) The average human heart beats at sixty beats per minute when resting. Anything below that, aside from certain exceptions, is considered bradycardia (slow heart rate). This is the story of how a piano major fell in love for the first and last time. Excerpt: "Hey, Adrien?" Adrien glanced at the bluenette next to him, "Yes?" "Do you..." Marinette kept her eyes on his timer, "Know what that timer indicates?" Adrien brought his wrist up to his face and examined the timer. "Isn't it counting down to the day I meet my soulmate?" Marinette's stomach dropped, along with her face. He had no idea what it was counting down to. But she knew. She knew the truth about that timer, and now she was more petrified than ever. *CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING - please point out any errors, it doesn't annoy me at all and will help tremendously ^^* 🌸Cover art drawn by me🌸 ⚠Warning: people have told me that this book made them cry⚠ 🚨Rated 13+ for mild language, death, alcohol use, depression, and suicidal content in the later chapters🚨 There is no underage drinking involved. The characters are all 20+ and the legal drinking age in France is 18.

Chapter 1

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Sixty Bea...
by BobaBunnies