The cast of RWBY wa...
By SoundBlastersuperior
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Remnant, a world filled with equal wonder and horror. Humans, along with another intelligent species, known as Faunas, live in near peace. However, creatures known as the Grimm threaten their very existence of humans and faunas; that is why Hunters and Huntresses were created. Each living thing that has a soul, has an aura, and anything with an aura, has the potential to spawn a semblance; powers that reflect the soul of each individual. However, behind the curtains of everyday life; a secret war between good and evil are locked in a seemingly endless stalemate. So, I ask you this: What happens when an imprisoned immortal, inter-dimension being is forced by more elder and powerful Gods-as punishment for his past crimes-to show select individuals from Remnant alternative realities involving themselves? Only time may tell. (A/N: I do not own RWBY or LEGO Dimensions; they belong to RoosterTeeth, and Tt Games respectively. I also do not own any media that I use to put the RWBY characters in, nor any songs or artwork; they each belong to their respective creators.)


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The cast...
by SoundBlastersuperior