Do You Believe -- B...
By AnnaAlbo
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After a disastrous first year as the owner of the St. Paul Falcons, Allie Stewart needs a reset...badly. She also needs to build a winning team before it's too late. And the only way to do that is to land the top free agent in league history. But with nothing to offer him but promises and the Falcons' horrible reputation, the odds of Tyson Myers signing with the Falcons is slim to impossible. But without him, Allie risks losing the team. But that's not the only risk Allie's facing. With Will banished hundreds of miles away, can they continue to keep their relationship a secret and will it survive the distance? And as rumors persist about Allie's personal life, will it create cracks in her relationship with Will? As Allie struggles to keep the Falcons, can she also keep the man she loves before she loses it all?

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Do You Be...
by AnnaAlbo