Beyond The Desponde...
By Dr_Taqiya_Author
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Love ~ A package of hurt, hatred, self loathe, guilt, regret and pain. "I hate you, I hate to see your face." She screamed. "What did I do? What was my fault?" He pleaded. "I never wanted to marry you, I have done a favor by marrying you. " "Just shut up! What was my fault? I never came running to marry you, it was your parents who had agreed for the proposal." He shouted. "Now, I can't stay one more minute here, everything here haunts me." She barked. "You cannot go without my persmission you are my bloody wife." He screamed in pain and desperation. "Wife, I don't want to be your wife anymore. I'm fed up with you, I need a divorce." She says in a bitter tone. "We are not even married for 3 months and you are asking for divorce, I never forced you for anything. You are a stuck up bitch, even after knowing everything I respected you, I loved you, falling in love with you was my biggest mistake. Get the hell out of my home." He screamed loosing it all, with every word his heart bleed. "Pack up everything, I'm dropping you off at your parents. You can enjoy your life there and do all the shit you have been doing behind my back." He says pulling out a suitcase for her. *** To know more, join in their story to read more. Much Love ~ Taqiya©.


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Beyond Th...
by Dr_Taqiya_Author