Zanarkin Rune
By AFleetingDream_91
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The world of Zanarkin once flourished through six living crystals that brought life and retained powerful magics. From the majestic high elves to the mountain dwarves, many races became ruthless, greedy, and fought over the crystals for their power. War broke out and in the end, the crystals paid the ultimate price and died. Leaving the world to slowly wilt into oblivion. Sage Loxley, a skilled archer & loyal servant, framed for the murder of the royal elf family of Altessa and his own kin is forced into ostracism for the rest of his life...until he met her. A beautiful mysterious stranger belonging to a race that had rumored to go extinct long ago. Together with a young elf prince and a drunken dwarf chef, they set out on a quest to save a friend and discovered a rare phenomenon that could ultimately save the world. ...A seventh living crystal. Cover made by me.

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by AFleetingDream_91