Lullaby(Solangelo H...
By WingsOfFireIsAwesome
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"Nico? Sing me a lullaby, please?" Will Solace has had a rough life, okay? His mother had already married thrice, and now he was expected to be thrown into a new family. His stepfather was not the nicest. His stepsister did not care as much as he had hoped. His skin was covered with bruises. His mind was laced with scars. He needs someone. Someone who he can trust. When Catherine Lu asks him to be her date for Percy Jackson's Halloween party, he is confused. Does he accept? Why does Catherine want him to be her date? He doesn't even like girls. At the party he meets Nico Di Angelo, a cousin of Percy Jackson. He was entranced as soon as he set eye. He wanted him. But they're so many things holding him back. His parents, homophobia, school, Nico's past, Octavian, and Catherine. Especially Catherine. (This is angsty and there are triggers so please read at your own risk.)


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by WingsOfFireIsAwesome