Princess | Hiro Ham...
By TheQueenRains
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A mysterious guy keeps saving you. And he keeps calling you princess. What if you found out that he was your friend? And your life is in peril with someone trying to murder you? Will the knight save the princess? Or the princess will fall into darkness and oblivion? ~ "Hey!" You called out before he fled. "What?" He turned his head to look at you, the sun behind him was setting in the horizon. "Will I see you again?" You had no idea why you asked that. "Probably. When you're in danger." With that he readied to go, but you stopped him once more. "One more thing!" He turned to look at you. Then, for the first time in that day, he saw your genuine smile. "Thank you." "You're welcome, princess." ~ "Aren't you supposed to be with them?" You asked. He only smirked, "Gotta save your life first, princess. You seem to be getting into trouble far more than I've expected," with that he climbed his robot. (ON HOLD) ~ Highest ranking: #2 in Disney (Jan 25, 2020) #1 in bighero6 (Mar 22, 2020) #1 in hiro (Apr 25, 2020) (HiroxOC) (Still on the works)


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by TheQueenRains