The Gods In Us
By Undefinity
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It all started when inhuman beings came on Earth without any explanation. The Earth shook and the skies parted, revealing gigantic ships of creatures from another planet. But that's not where the invasion started. In that time, the ground was spilit in half, sprouting great towers made from raw flesh, swirling and knotting together, breeding millions of Parasites. They are exactly what they're called. With four mouths, razor-sharp teeth circling their throat, acid spilling from their mouth and skins that seemed to sweat blood. For a long time, humankind was forced to hide under the ground, forced to build their own shelter to survive, while the creatures that appeared out of nowhere was walking the land, conquering everything the Old World had and turning the whole planet into ruins. But then, Aegis came. A corporation that's designed to serve as a shelter of human-kind, in hopes to preserve their specie and not become extinct. They did so by building great four walls that's to keep of the gods-the two monstrous creatures, as the New World called them-and protect human-kind. They succeeded to do so, but just as when they thought they're safe with the gigantic walls around them for a hundred of years, the gods also found a way to disturb the growing peace inside the Aegis' den. Knowing so, Aegis decided to create another specie of human. No, a human with a gods DNA.

Work of Fiction

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The Gods...
by Undefinity