Black Equation - Th...
By natsuriayuko
  • Fantasy
  • agent
  • assassin
  • battle
  • controversy
  • fight
  • freedom
  • friendship
  • gift
  • love
  • organization
  • power
  • war


"When Death comes for you, what will you do?" Timid and awkward Abcidee Reeds discovers that there is more to her than a woman who looks like the missing singer Faye Summers. Ivan Ilyinsky, an infamous criminal, seeks her out and plunges her back to the world that was part of her forgotten past. To add to the mayhem, an assassin comes to end her life – before she poses a threat to the Light. However, when Death comes her way, it isn’t in the way she imagined it to be. Forced to face the horrors of being Gifted, Abcidee must once again learn how to deal with danger and grief, and come back to the arms of those she loves the most. This time, will she be able to withstand it all… or will she make the same painful mistakes, the same ones that nearly cost her heart? [Book 3 of the Black Equation series - Stand alone]

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Black Equ...
by natsuriayuko