I Broke The Protago...
By YuanNight
  • Fantasy
  • 1v1
  • bl
  • crossing
  • drama
  • fastwear
  • love
  • mainattack
  • moderntimes
  • system
  • worldhopping
  • zhugong


When the male lead grows up, he needs an opportunity, and Chi Mo is the opportunity. In completing the task of helping the male lead to grow, Chi Mo saves time (planned Fell), chose the easiest way, and died in front of him after becoming good friends with the male lead. Sure enough, the male lead of each world has successfully grown (blackened) after his death, and his task has been successfully completed. Until the system tells him that the world in which he can take a vacation is the world in which he previously completed the task. His dead body will come back to life ... wait, Chi Mo found a blind spot: why is my body still there, should I have been away for several years? Male lead: Guess ~ This article is also known as: "The male lead's dead white moonlight is alive" ps: The playboy is cold and eager to be attacked by a beautiful woman x (former) Integrity (now) The blackened male subject is fast-wearing 1v1

ARC1: I Became A Zombie Queen And Live Again

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I Broke T...
by YuanNight