Lab Rats | A Chase...
By NatashaPrivett
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Charm Danvers is not a normal girl. She gets adopted into the Danvers family and they end up moving to Mission Creek when Charm turns 16. Her family don't know that she is a bionic superhero hybrid and Charm wants it to stay that way. She doesn't want anyone to find out. She goes around as the Superhero, Supergirl but she is also a normal high school student. What happens when she meets 3 bionic superhumans? Will she start to fall for the youngest son of Mr Davenport? Will she find out about them being bionic? Will Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo find out that Supergirl is Charm Danvers? Find out in Lab Rats | A Chase Davenport Love Story. ------------------------ I do not own any of the characters or some of the plot. All rights go to Disney and DC. I only own the name, Charm Danvers.

New town, New School, New friends. More people to keep my secret from

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Lab Rats...
by NatashaPrivett