Hearts Conquest: Re...
By HeartBaylon
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~~~~ My name is Jin Lu, I died by being hit by Truck-kun. I'm an otaku and I love novels and manga especially Hearts Conquest: Fateful Lovers. It's about three love targets: Alexander, the childhood friend. Egon, the knight. And lastly Claudius, the prince of the Callisto Kingdom. All three of them fall in love with the MC, Emmeline Maria Montcroix, a commoner. She has a little sister named Evelyn Marie Montcroix, she is a minor villainess in the story since she was said to poison her sister Emmeline because Evelyn was in love with Egon but he was in love with her sister, she was caught and beheaded publicly decreed by the prince. But the main and most powerful villainess is the prince's childhood fiancée, Aurora Cassandra Corazon Estrella, princess of the neighbouring country, Phoebus. She tormented the main character everytime she has the chance and in the end of the happy ending route, she was banished by the prince to never come back Callisto and she was disowned by her parents, The king and queen of Phoebus. In the end she killed herself but even in the bad ending route this still happens. I always wished I would be a character in the manga but....I meant I want to be the MC!!! I was reborn as Evelyn Marie Montcroix, the minor villainess. I will find a way to avoid my death flag! ________________________ But there's more than what meets the eye. A mystery unfolds and stories retold.


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Hearts Co...
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