His Rules Remain
By amndasingletary
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He leaned down very slowly and my eyes fell to his lips before snapping back up. He gently pressed his lips against mine, moving slowly at first before he began to deepen the kiss between us. You have no earthly idea how long I have wanted to kiss you." He whispered. "In this room, I'm your dominant and you will do as I say when I say without hesitation. I want you to only call me Master or Sir starting now. Do you understand?" His voice was rough as he spoke and the deepness of his voice combined with the command pulled at my willingness to obey him. I nodded my understanding without speaking. I felt a sharp slap come down on my ass. It didn't hurt but it shocked me. "When I ask you a question, I want an answer. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir, I understand." Aaron James had trained and worked to become a head dominant as his father had and would soon have to take over the family business as well of running the finances for most of the town. McKenzi needed to help her family because money wasn't coming in the way they needed. Years after Aaron started training they finally meet again and this time he has the power to actually do something about it. She is everything he has been craving and seeing her standing in front of him is all he needs to remember what he wants to do with her. She's never been intimate with anyone and his world is one she didn't find herself comfortable even thinking about, but it's him, and her family needs help.

Chapter 1: A Man I Used to Know

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His Rules...
by amndasingletary