June Baby
By ayonha
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Eliza is the classic quiet, to her self girl who works in a boutique. She is full of useless facts and pranks all to the benefit of her best friend Jet. She's known Jet since childhood and now lives with him in London, where one night they bump into none other than, his old friend, Damon Albarn. From that day forward he can't get enough of Eliza and always seems to be around. She chalks it up to coincidence. But how much can she rely on coincidence when Damon and Blur are thrown in the mix? Also! Every photo for the chapter is how I imagine Damon in the chapter and I hope you do too :) This story doesn't follow anything chronologically, oops. Plus things won't 100% accurate and I'll be changing slightly for the sake of the story (you'll get what I mean). But it will have actual Blur events and things that happened! There will also be things taken from Damon's relationship with Justine and Suzi! There will also be stuff towards the end with present-day Damon because I love him (don't we all....swoon).

Chapter One: I am Smarticus

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June Baby
by ayonha