Fast, Present, Super
By riversarrow2004
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Barry and Kara had went their separate ways. Never to see each other again. Yeah about that.... This story starts pre-season 1 of the flash but barely before since its starting at arrows "the scientist" episode. It follows Barry and Kara on their journey to become the heroes we all know (Flash and Supergirl). And then they meet. Or their hero sides meet I guess. When Barry accidentally goes to Kara's earth and needs help getting home. Starting with that we begin to diverge from cannon. What's the thing that comes after a prequel? Actually a prequel usually is made after the initial story. Oops. Anyways. This is kinda a Part 2 to "The Past" But it's gonna be a bit different but basically takes place within the same timeline. Or timelineish. Since the timeline is constantly changing with every different decision the characters make and every. Single. Time. They. Time. Travel. And this is a flash story so you know there's gonna be some kind of time travel. Anyway it's gonna follow a similar storyline. May throw in some other stuff not in the first one about the characters (mainly Barry) Uh hope you enjoy:)

The Scientist

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Fast, Pre...
by riversarrow2004