Cruel Love
By its_annenonymous
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Bachelor Series #1 Cruel Love A story of a woman who will do and sacrifice everything she had just for a fucking guy. She is Elizabeth Raia Galvez, a woman who doesn't easily give up on what she's pursuing or what she wants to do. It's her love for a ruthless and cold-hearted guy that will drive you crazily mad. Hindi siya susuko mapansin lang siya nito. Gagawin niya ang lahat mapasakanya lamang ang binata. Do you know why is she letting her attraction grow that much? Do you know why is she loving that man even he doesn't care about her? Alam niyo ba kung bakit kayang niyang isuko ang lahat para lang sa kaniya? But, what if he forcefully pushes her away and that will cause her many traumatic phobias and sickness, will her love about him will stay the same? If you wanna know her story just pass the twists that we add just for you.

Cruel Love

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Cruel Lov...
by its_annenonymous