High School Immorta...
By ZafArielZul
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The Uprising lasted for a decade in which Elves began gradually losing grounds. By end of the war, a squadron of vampires lay siege to Castle Airel, home of Elven High King Nehra which was previously thought to have been vacated. In the castle, five royal Elven households and noble families had gathered for refuge. In a mad effort to save his family, High King Nehra abandoned his army and returned to the castle just in time to portal them to safety. He closed the portal in the nick of time and blew up the castle. Vampires and humans won the war. Seventeen years since the Uprising, Lilliana Kane was one of the few remaining Rusalkas: vampire assassins tasked to hunt and bring Elves, former masters of the humans and the vampire race, to justice. Defying the General, she embarked on a mission to save her estranged lover in an unfamiliar dimension.

Prologue: No Goodbyes

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High Scho...
by ZafArielZul