My Royal Wife
By KiaraKent97
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"How dare you betray my trust , Nefertari ?. How could you do this to me? After all I've done for you......" "Sese ,Please listen to me" "Shut up!!!! , Just shut up. You have lost your right to call me that. From now on you mean NOTHING to me." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story of one of the world's greatest monarch , Ramses II and his eternal love Nefertari...... What will happen when these two love birds will be thrown into a venomous pit of misunderstanding caused by a third individual, who also happens to be a past lover? What will happen when Ramses assumes that Nefertari is pregnant with another man's baby? ** This is story is completely based on my imagination..... Don't feel offended if I'm lacking of the Historical accuracy** ** Contains Mature Scenes.... Read at your own risk** :) Highest Rankings 🏵️ No 15 in Egypt 🏵️ No 2 in Pharaoh #thesupportclub

We are together

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My Royal...
by KiaraKent97