The Angel of The Sk...
By outlander17
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1ST PLACE IN 2020 BNHA AWARDS FOR BOTH BEST CHARACTERXOC STORY & BEST NARRATION. Cover picture of Ari and Keigo drawn by @_special_donut_fp "This is so wrong." Keigo whispered, as he smashed his lips against mine. "Being devious is more fun. Isn't that what you told me once?" I smirked, returning his kiss in full. ~ He's tried. He's tried to stay away from her. But, the allure of Ari Parker only continues to pull him in, no matter how hard he tries to fight it. Think of the consequences for loving her, Keigo Takami. You know what they are. The story of how two young heroes do their best to navigate the manipulative waters of their work. Lies, dangers, secrets. The only ones they can trust are each other......or can they? Contains The Following: -Swearing -Scandals -The Best Birb You'll Ever Meet -Sexy Time (Dirty Bird) -The Biggest Endeavor Fan Boy -Sarcasm -Wittiness -Cuteness -Puns -Denim....... This story ROUGHLY follows the manga/future of the anime. Timelines and other things are changed around for my own plot purposes. Edit: It's been completed and it goes up to season 6 of the anime. Disclaimer: All characters in this story are eighteen years and older. This work is a little more mature than my other stuff, with mentions of drinking and partying. That being said, these mentions are still referenced respectfully and limitedly. All MHA characters belong to Horikoshi. None of the artwork in this book is mine.

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The Angel...
by outlander17