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By crazyemmie
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Hi guys, so I saw a lot of these, and I thought, since that I am a HUGE fan of fkac, why not do one myself. So here I am. I became an official Craver on June 22nd, 2019. I became one by going to KingsFest, which is an event at an amusement park in my state that has a bunch of christian artists come and perform kind of like a little concert. And when fkac came on to perform, I was just thinking to myself that it'll just be another performance no big deal. Oh how I was so wrong. It was the BEST concert that I've been too. And at the end I left balling my eyes out, while holding a Priceless Austrailian coin necklace. Moral of the story is they changed my life completely, and have helped me get closer to God in so many ways. So please enjoy this little book/challenge. Love yall ❤❤

Day 1: Fav Pic of the Band

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for KING...
by crazyemmie