The Kingdoms Prophe...
By Bookdragon2022
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The daughter of Lucas and Audrey is next in line for the throne. She is rumored to be the strongest and fastest wolf to ever walk the planet with her twin brother always by her side. What they don't know is that the next Queen Luna doesn't have any control over her wolf. The future of the werewolf kingdom rest on the struggling princess shoulders. Without a tame wolf, Evelyn will still be able to recognize her mate, right? Flynn is a lone wolf who has been on their own since before they can fully remember. Almost always in wolf form Flynn has started to slowly loose his humanity. His only salvation would be to find his mate to save him. Will the future queen be able to take the throne without complete control over her self and will she be able to find her mate and save him before it's too late? Find out in the sequel to The Alpha King's Mate... The Kingdoms Prophecy


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The Kingd...
by Bookdragon2022