The Wolf Swordsman...
By zer0420
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Nhzual was only 14 when his life got turned upside down. On his way home from Martial arts practice he came across a drunk man trying to force himself on a woman and without a second thought he tried to help the woman but the man had connections to the police and had him arrested for a false assault charge. And due to this Nhzuals life was ruined, his parents disowned him, his friends all turned there backs on him and he was forced to move and be alone and at the new school he went to people found out about his record and made his life a living hell by either looking down on him or by physically abusing him but through all the abuse, he met one person who didn't look down on him and actually wanted to be his friend and eventually that friendship blossomed into something beautiful and Nhzual finally thought he could get his life back together until they both got trapped in SAO and once again someone took away the one thing that gave him the strength he needed to keep going. Now alone once again, Nhzual continues to clear the floors of Sword Art Online, to escape the game that took the love of his life away. (If this description sounds a little familiar, this is part of my first SAO book. But instead of the game verse, this is going to follow the cannon anime timeline.)


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The Wolf...
by zer0420