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"Don't you dare feel bad for me." He shakily breaths, grinding his teeth in frustration. His eyes are bright green now instead of a muddy forest green as they've recently appeared. "Why are you like this?" "Lincoln you can't understand how hard this is for me." He's right I can't, I won't ever be able to, as much as it breaks my heart to hear he's experiencing this completely alone. "Then stop pushing me away." "If I don't your gonna end up with an broken heart and a funeral." He says pinning me into the wall positioned behind me his hands felt soft against my wrists "Its worth it if I get you." _____ Lincoln Manroe has been home the entirety of her childhood, elementary, and middle school years. She has always fantasized the ideal high school life, thrill seeking her identity to reality, finding someone that cares about something that truly matters, falling in love with the idea of love. Aris Spencer is the one everybody can't help but notice, people claim to know him, but his guarded demeanor never fails to prove them otherwise. When he's diagnosed with stage 4 cancer he doesn't think much of anything. That is until he starts losing his reputation, the last thing he has that he swore nobody could take from him. He turns to Lincoln in efforts to keep the only thing that truly matters.The only thing he has left.

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