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"Don't you dare feel bad for me!" He shakily shouts, running his hands through his dark brown mess repeatedly, grinding his perfect teeth in frustration. I should have known this was how he was going to react. "Why?!" I ask biting back tears, that still manage to slip through my brown eyes. Pitiful. "Lincoln you can't understand how hard this is for me." He takes a cautious step forward and brushes back a strand of my auburn hair his eyes holding no emotion. "Then stop pushing me away!" I yell backing up. "If I don't your gonna end up with an broken heart and a funeral." He says shoving against the wall breathing heavily. "Its worth it if I get you." _____ Lincoln Manroe has been homeschooled throughout her entire childhood elementary, and middle school. She has always dreamed of the perfect high school story, fall in love become popular be on the cheerleading squad. Aris Spencer is the kid that nobody can't help but notice, he's not and never going to be popular but he's guarded. When he's diagnosed with cancer he doesn't think much of until he starts losing his reputation and finds help from a freshman to keep the only thing left.

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