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By mikaylapast
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In which a young witch is subjected to the sadistic narcissism of the Antichrist. Selina is an intriguing young witch, her ability to communicate with animals sets her apart from her sister-witches but she is perfectly content with her fairly uneventful life at Miss Robichaux's Academy. That is until the Hawthorne Academy for Gifted Young Men visit in order to establish the next Supreme and Selina is forced to share a room with Michael Langdon. With the test of the seven wonders approaching and the seemingly inevitable apocalypse looming it seems that Michael Langdon and his cruel games are the least of Selina's problems. "The concept of pets has always fascinated me." --- This will not follow the plot line of AHS completely, I will still use it as a reference and all characters except Selina are not my own and belong to Ryan Murphy and other creators of American Horror Story. Enjoy x

1 || Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies

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The Messe...
by mikaylapast