Revenge is Sweet
By iwkmsiyrta
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Jessica Mills has been best friends with The Golden Trio since 1st year. So she never saw their betrayal coming. It was the end of 5th year when they suddenly ditched Jessica. They had claimed her personality didn't fit with theirs, and it was probably best they didn't hang out anymore. She's hurt, sad and angry. She wants revenge. They stabbed her in the back and left her to bleed out. She comes up with a plan that has a very small chance of working. But still a chance. The only bad part is that it involves Draco Malfoy, Prince of Slytherin and number one enemy of the trio. But the enemy of her enemy is her friend, right? _•_•_•_ "Better to have an enemy that slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back." _•_•_•_ Please don't steal my ideas! Love and appreciate you guys!! _•_•_•_ #1 in muggleborn #2 in fanfiction #2 in pureblood #3 in dracomalfoyxreader #4 in halfblood #7 in ronweasley #8 in slytherin #10 in hpfanfiction #15 in hermionegranger

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Revenge i...
by iwkmsiyrta