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-UNEDITED BOOK 1 : | KING SERIES | MAFIA LOVE STORY... "P-plss leave me! " she begged him, while stuttering but he only smirked at her direction caging her inbetween his arms and the wall... "you're mine Aina! remember that, only mine! " he seethed, in a very dangerously calm tone... she just looked at him in complete shock and didn't replied anything.. "understood! " he growled at her and she shivered under his voice and just nodded her head, in defeat... Meet AMAAN DANIEL KING.. the cold,arrogant,ruthless,powerful,tyrant yet devilishly handsome multi-billionaire for the entire world and a dangerous and heartless mafia king for the underworld... girls drool over him and yearns for his attention but he never spares them a glance... he was known as " THE DEVIL".. he was the walking piece of perfection in any man's dictionary..... Meet Aina Zaam Malik.... the sweet,innocent, loving, bubbly girl, who was born to break the rules! she's the definition for love! A complete "ANGEL",if someone say she's beautiful would be an understatement! she was beyond imagination! And a top rated oncologist in profession.... both belong to a different world yet a like in fate..... he was the devil and she was his angel.... she was his light in his dark world... they were destined to be one... their fates were sealed.... " CERTAINLY ALLAH LOVES THOSE WHO PUTS THEIR TRUST IN HIM " HOLY QURAN 2:159... Join the journey of a thrilling love story of a devil who was in love with his Angel... join the journey of an angel who was destined for the devil...


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