The Quantum Journal
By MichaelTyger
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This is the heart of mystery The unknown that we create intentionally and unconsciously It drives us to search it out To conquer every obstacle between us and it's evasive tactics The Quantum Journal: Volume One Introduction Lest we forget the ages past and blindly follow the folly of patterns we repeat without thought; let us endeavor to examine our journey with eyes circumspect and minds more humble. I reach out to you and declare the end of the modern age. I embrace its nostalgic soul and then let it drift away. Weary one, I welcome you to the Quantum age. This is the time that even our ancestors dreamed of. But we are its founders. We have this one chance to lay its groundwork. This is our opportunity to come together and build with our ingenuity, on the back of progress and civility. Here in this, my lowly, poetic journal, I offer a simple view of these days to document the excitement I feel for a bright future in a world still wobbling like a toddler taking their first steps. I present to you these ideas in the rising Quantum age and the possible effects on us all. This is a poem-a-week book for the year 2020. My intention was for it to be a poem-a-day. But the year 2020 has hit us all pretty hard. So I have truncated the book and assigned it to one poem for each week which I have already written. I will write more this year, but those will be in other books. I will post a couple pre-2020 works as a prelude. Thank you

Entry #1

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The Quant...
by MichaelTyger