How To Get Away Wit...
By bellaetriz
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Hwang Somin, that was never her name to begin with. She was a very young orphan living on the streets with no memory of who her parents were. All she knew was that, they were dead. But she wasn't going to be in the streets for long. When the gang leader of VENOM adopts her to be his heir, her world changed. She was trained and became one of the best fighters. Her skills were deadly garnering her the nickname of Viper. The leader died, she became the new heir. But not everyone was happy about it, especially the long lost legitimate heir of the leader. She won't give up her position so easily. With a gang at war and other external factors, Somin will be in for the fight of her life. She has her allies but there are 7 particular men that will change the course of her journey. Will she shut them out or will she let them warm her cold heart? But most importantly, will she survive?

Prologue: Rise of the Viper

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How To Ge...
by bellaetriz