Uptown Girl
By GemaWrites
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Chantelle is a shopaholic who spends money like its water. Her parents want Chantelle to understand the value with money. After Chantelle spends an obscene amount of money on frivolous items, her parents decide it's time she learns a value of a dollar. Ricardo is part of the working class and works in a garage as a mechanic. Understanding the value of money, Ricardo isn't the type to spend money of frivolous items. When Chantelle starts working at the garage to earn some money, she meets Ricardo, who isn't impressed. Chantelle will learn that you can be rich without money. Will Ricardo be able to show Chantelle the value of people over money? Or will Chantelle revert to her shopaholic ways? Sometimes it takes a working class guy to show an uptown girl the value of life. (Sequel to, Chasing Oblivious)

Chapter 1: Chantelle Black

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Uptown Gi...
by GemaWrites