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These are completed Tomarry FanFictions, for those that like to read Tomarry, but don't like to search for them. I hope you guys like my work and continue reading the FanFictions in them. Please, don't forget to comment and vote, on wish of the FanFictions was your favorite. ‼️Disclaimer‼️: I don't own nor did I help in the creation of the FanFictions in my book. I'm not here to take credit for someone else work, I'm just recommending their FanFiction/s to make it easier for beginner Wattpad users and old Wattpad users to find an actual good book to read and not have to look forever to find one. All the FanFictions in my work are on my reading list. So just scroll down so the one that says 'Tomarry 🤤😍' and you'll find all the FanFictions in my work. Thank you🥰🥰🥰 P.s. Some of the FanFictions are incomplete, but that's because the story hasn't been completed in a couple of years, or is an incomplete book from a series. So, sorry for the confusion.😅😅

When the Impossible Becomes Possible

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by KuroKishi-senpai