His not so beautifu...
By suzangill98
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The youngest billionaire in town with the looks of Adonis and everything at his feet desired just one thing more in life. His perfect match. He wished for a wife whose beauty would turn heads, a smile that would lighten up his world, and a figure which would curve perfectly under his fingers. A beauty who spoke with etiquette and made him proud. But he got her, A mediocre girl with average looks, a fierce personality, and no curves. Outspoken and downright rude. She was everything he didn't want his wife to be like. But who could defy when their souls were bound by threads of fate? She was insecure And he fueled it further She considered herself inferior to him. And he used every chance to make it a belief. She had a beautiful delicate golden heart, And he made sure to taint it black and crush it under his Gucci shoes. She was his not-so-beautiful wife And he made sure that nothing left of her could be ever considered beautiful. "I will taint every damn fiber of your body, my dear Elle, every bit of it till you beg me to divorce you" -Ashton "I will love every flaw of you my dear husband, every single one till this heart beats for you" -Elle COMING AS paperback On AMAZON on 5 Th July, 2024 BEAUTY SERIES: Book 1 His not-so-beautiful wife Book 2 His Scarred Beauty #1 Romance on 21/6/2020 #1 Hate on 25/6/2020 #1 Regret 6/7/2020 #1 cold 6/7/2020 #1 Jealousy 31/8/2020

The heartbreaker

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His not s...
by suzangill98