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A young author's failing marriage accidentally takes him back in time and to the doors of a younger self of his future wife. ~~~ Author William Ray's decision to divorce his wife takes a turn when she shares her joyous news. After being thrown out for his behavior, he is taken to his father-in-law's house; where a trick by the cunning man takes him back in time and he finds himself at the door of his nineteen-year-old future wife. Eliza Scott is reckless, insecure and adores her boyfriend. The new teacher in college should have been the least of her problems except his mysterious and compelling nature is irresistible, forcing her to question her choices. William might be the sad guy-next-door but he soon becomes the object of her curiosity and possibly - her heart? William shouldn't have been drawn to his future wife but he is. One tease of her destructive nature and he finds himself being her saviour. Now he wants her, more than he ever wanted anything and the only obstacle is her resistance to let him author the beginning of their story - and he is hell-bent on changing her mind! <><><> *ADDED TO~ @Romance @WattpadTimeTravel @Cupid @generalfiction @LY @StoriesUndiscovered ~~~ What readers say~ "I am reliving the skill in which Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice were written!!! WOWWWW!" "This book is out of this world! I've never read anything like it and I'm in love with this book! Props to the author the plot is complicated and has its own twists. 100% original!" "...This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster...buckle up because you might cry, get chills once in a while, and there is a big chance for uncontrollable giggles to turn up." "Ohmygodddd as a lover of classic lit, this book is a breath of fresh air. The descriptions and characters are all on point! It's as if I'm reading a modernized Austen or Bronte." <><><> CREDIT : @sereneur BANNER CREDIT : @avadel


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