Shy Girl Vs The Hoo...
By itminidoll
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Just Read !!💕 MY FIRST BOOK tell me how I do !🤍 DON'T COPY RIGHT MY BOOK⚠️🔒 " Dave let me go your hurting me " I yelled at him hitting his hand He didn't say nothing he just continued to drag me outside " DAVE LET ME GO " I yelled slapping him in his head Once we made it outside he threw me against the wall making me hit my head. PSA: this book is mad cringy & just all over the place... I didn't do so well on this book 8/6/2020- This is not really one of my bests books 💀 might want to try another one...this is high key a big cringe to me. I don't recommend this book at all. It's so many errors, that I'm not fixing. Read if you want.

New School 🤍

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Shy Girl...
by itminidoll