A Fight For The Sta...
By _Infinite_Dark
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Far in the galaxy is a small planet called Ollora. This planet was beautiful and one of the most peaceful planets out there. All of that changed when Supreme Zla' Gospodar had went into leadership. Zla' had ordered that all the poor should be sent to prison. Most of the planets population was poor but that didn't stop them from doing what they wanted to do. Many had wanted to changed this law and get Zla' out of government even though no one had the power to do so. Two friends, Lylyas and Yylo, have been stuck in the same cell together. They have a risky idea, they want to escape! They think about there plan and soon put it in action. Many questions come to mind, will they get out of there alive? That's where the real adventure starts for these two. Will they save their planet? Or will their plan fail? That's for you to find out! :D

Chapter 1

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A Fight F...
by _Infinite_Dark