The Ballad of Capta...
By shakespearian1
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❝Long live the sea❞ | |Unedited | | Part of the Wordplay Compilation || Irene's life has been hard. To escape the instability of her life, she proposes a mutually beneficial marriage to her mentor, a shipwright. At first, it seems to be alright, but when the lines of employment and marriage begin to blur, their ugly colors begin to show, and Irene's past catches up with her. In the articles for divorce, the only condition is that Irene retrieves her mentor's toolbox from a pirate ship called the Craigg. And she can't even do that. Now, she's awoken as a stowaway on the Craigg where her throat is demanded for being a civilian. ✢ Epoch never found themself worthy of the honor bestowed upon them by a goddess. And as punishment, they're a ghost forced to see the priceless artifact they were supposed to protect in the hands of greedy pirates on the Craigg. They wallow in the darkness of the ship's vault. When these twos' fates intertwine upon Irene discovering the necklace in the vault of the Craigg, they're bound through a con scheme that will tip the balance of order on the ship and a quest for redemption. Cover and banners by @Gugus4682 Aesthetics by @breathingchemicals [News: will update every Friday]

The Ballad of Captain Irene

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The Balla...
by shakespearian1