Reaper ( Husk X Rea...
By 8Murphy8
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[ COMPLETED BUT UNDERGOING GRAMMAR EDITING] You are the famous Grim Reaper. You are feared by angels and demons. The only beings more powerful than you are Lucifer and God themselves. One day you see the princess of hell on the news announcing a new hotel that 'rehabilitates demons'. You thought that it wasn't a horrible idea and you wanted to offer your services to help any way you could, but what happens when you meet a peculiar alcoholic cat with a gambling problem? I think our boi husk needs ALOT more love than he has currently. This is a Hazbin Hotel fanfic. I do not own Hazbin Hotel. I do not own anything in this story except my scenarios and OCs. I do not own the cover artwork. This fanfic starts after the first episode. This is an x female reader story Credits Author- Me Hazbin Hotel Universe and Characters- Vivziepop Arc suggestions- @KingdomPoppy @Starful104 @EchoEmo @furrykitten1


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Reaper (...
by 8Murphy8